November 5, 2005

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      Heathsvill, VA -Formulating the storyline while attending Jones College, Jacksonville, giving it birth while living in Ponte Vedra Beach and finally completing it in 1982 while living in St. Augustine, author Frank Mosco, a former north Florida resident of more than 25 years, created a suspense novel, The Whitemoon Crisis, that has jumped from being mere entertaining fiction to nearly fitting the chilling reality of today's headlines. This intriguing story takes the readers back to the northeast Florida of the late 70s where they'll find a milder St. Augustine full of mystery, a long-deserted Navy base in Green Cove Springs, the shattering of the Independent Life building in Jacksonville, and the near total destruction of a new and unfinished Trident submarine base at Kings Bay. From the Caribbean to Washington, DC, this novel will lure you in and keep you there, especially Florida readers familiar with the story's locals. For them it becomes a captivating page-turner.
      This suspenseful story in the Ian Flemming tradition was intended to be the first of the Ram series featuring principal character Navy intelligence officer Commander Ramsey Lightner. As fate would have it, The Whitemoon Crisis was originally published by Skipjack Publishing but was soon after stifled when the book's printer was seized and liquidated by the IRS burying the project deep in legal limbo. Once it was free of legal strings years later, however, author Frank Mosco put the novel and its sequel on the back burner, considering it to be dated. Now, in anticipation of the release of his latest book, Monkey, and upcoming novel, The Last Ghostrider, based on his experiences in Vietnam, plus the relevance the Ram series has to today's state of the world and terrorism, we at Quillquest Books (formerly Skipjack Publishing) are delighted to reintroduce The Whitemoon Crisis and continue the series with the upcoming sequel The Ram Factor.
      The Whitemoon Crisis is now available on the Internet at most bookseller sites including and will be introduced by the author at various venues in northeast Florida.
   See author's bio, book art and scenario, attached.

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