Feb. 18, 2009

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Heathsville, VA – Following its successful release in hardback, Author Frank Mosco’s popular Vietnam war novel THE LAST GHOSTRIDER, will soon be available in the 6x9 trade paperback format. The decision of the early release in paperback, which goes against the grain of conventional marketing methods of long established publishers, is based largely on the characteristics and sales patterns that now dominate the internet and book market in general.
      “A great many readers are perfectly happy with the 6x9 trade paperback format,” says Quillquest editor Kathy Lynch, “In essence it’s the exact same book except without the hard cover and that reduces the price dramatically. Its size and print is just as comfortable to read as the hardback. It’s not the small print pocketbook mass market edition that most people associate with paperback books like what you see in the super market.” Lynch says the trade 6x9 format has become prominent and acceptable to book stores around the country and especially on the net. “It’s a read and release type of thing that takes place these days. Though there are still people who buy and read hardbacks and then make them a part of their private library, there are just as many who will read the book and then gladly pass it on, not wanting to deal with shelving or storage. It’s a generational thing.”
      THE LAST GHOSTRIDER is an American G.I.'s saga of military life and the chopper war in the central highlands of Vietnam that is of interest not only because of its revealing story but in the frank, humorous, and candid style in which it's told. The trade paperback release comes only a few months after the book’s debut and even before the hardback edition is slated to be featured in the 2010 (BEA) Book Expo America New Title Showcase that will take place in New York City.
      The Quillquest Publishing Company, which publishers all of Mosco’s books, caters mostly to internet sales outlets such as the leading seller along with Barnes & Noble, and others. Though Quillquest Books utilizes various print facilities and marketers for its paperback releases, Mosco’s The Last Ghostrider and other hardbacks slated for release are distributed worldwide to both internet outlets and the brick and motor stores by the Ingram Content Group. Ingram, well known as the largest book distributer in the business, also provides a printing service through its Lightning Source division, which feeds its wholesale distribution channels as well as any publisher drop shipping requirements. This Print on Demand capability is the key to Quillquest ability to provide varied formats to varied outlets without dramatic upfront investment. The publishers at Quillquest Books state that due to the multiple formats and price desires for books by today’s readers, and the ability to cater to those desires due to today’s technology, it is likely that most all of their future releases will come out in all formats simultaneously. This most likely will even include eBooks once eBook formatting and devices have settled its standards and become universal. 
      The hardback version of The Last Ghostrider will be featured at the BEA this year, which is North America’s largest gathering of book trade professionals, typically attracting between 20,000 – 30,000 people. Book industry professionals who attend BEA include: booksellers (independent, specialty, and chain); book distributors; marketing and publicity professionals; editors, agents; scouts.  BEA is also attended by assorted film and TV professionals and is covered widely by the media for the attention it brings to upcoming books as well as for the notable authors it attracts to the event itself. This year’s event will take place Tuesday, May 25 - Thursday, May 27 at the Jacob K. Javits Center, in New York.

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